Jewelry by Lindsey Scot

Have you seen the new jewelry we have in by Lindsey Scot?

Inspired by the moon, these beautiful handfabricated works of art represent birth months with precious and semiprecious stones.

File Jun 22, 12 22 36 PM

Lindsey Scot has always been compelled to be an artist, which isn’t surprising, given that her parents are Tod and Linda Ernst, co-owners of Planet Hair. With her dad being a hair stylist and salon owner, along with her mother with a background as a floral designer and design company owner for over ten years, Lindsey was always influenced to create. Her parents have always been proud supporters of the Wichita Art Community, giving Lindsey had the opportunity early on to grow up around local artists, and was greatly inspired and encouraged by their ¬†creative ambition.

Her work is a unique interpretation of wearable heirlooms that give homage to both our past and future. From geometric lines to the intuitive designs, her work tells a story that is conveyed through playful and sculptural objects. With every piece of metal that is carefully cut by hand to the stones that are delicately selected, every component has a purpose and a place.

See more of Lindsey Scot’s work at the Finishing School for Modern Women’s Modern Venus – The Female Perspective show on June 23 and 30.

ModernVenus_Poster Final