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Want to Look Like a Celebrity?

Ever wonder how celebrities always have such beautiful, thick hair? For most, it wasn’t because they were born with it. It’s because they’re wearing hair extensions! Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and most of the celebrities rocking long locks couldn’t have the fabulous hair they do without extensions.

Hair extensions are becoming one of the most popular hair services available – and not just with celebrities.  Our clients love that it’s possible to have the longer, thicker, beautiful hair they’ve always dreamed of, in just a few hours.

Facts about extensions:

  • Extensions do more than add length. You can add volume and thickness, perfect for fine, limp or thinning hair.
  • Think your hair is too short for extensions? Hair as short as three inches can have extensions applied.
  • We are certified to use Great Lengths Hair extensions, the highest quality 100 percent human hair extensions we’ve found. This means you can wash and style your hair using blow dryers and irons, just like you usually do.
  • Our extensions are bonded to your own hair with an extremely gentle, high-tech method that uses keratin, which is very similar to human hair. Other techniques such as welding, waxing, gluing or knotting the hair, can strain your natural hair and cause damage.
  • We use small, individual strands of hair to give you a more natural look. If extensions are heavier than your own hair, they’ll cause damage and break off hair.
  • Maintaining hair extension is easy. We include special shampoo, conditioner and a brush with our extension packages so you have exactly what you need to take care of your hair.

Why should celebrities have all the fun? Call us today at 316-267-8000 for your free consultation and find out how you can have the hair of your dreams!


Loving their extensions!

Have the Hair of your Dreams!

Great Lengths ExtensionsGrowing your hair 10 inches can take years and let’s face it, once grown to the length you want, it rarely has the volume you hoped for.  In a matter of a few hours, our extension service will give you long, thick hair that looks, feels and moves so naturally you’ll forget it’s not your own. 

Available in many lengths, textures, and colors, revolutionary Great Length extensions use the latest technology to gently bond individual strands of human hair to your hair without using glue or knotting that can damage your natural hair. 

Stop dreaming about longer, more voluminous hair.  Call us at (316) 267-8000 for more information and to schedule your consultation. The hair you’ve always wanted can be yours tomorrow.