Gifts of Care

Check out Aveda’s limited edition gifts!


A gift of renewal for your journey – $28.50
Three travel size hand relief moisturizing cremes in
Shampure, Candrima and original aromas


A gift to make her smile – $19.50 (value $22)
Nourish-mint rehydrating mini lip glazes
in pink laurel and golden lily shades


A gift of pure comfort – $39.50 (value $45)
Candrima creme cleansing oil, body moisturizer and travel size hand relief


A gift of relief for the road – $19
Travel size hand and foot relief moisturizing creme

Feeling calm is a gift – $45
Hand relief moisturizing creme with Shampure aroma
and Shampure hand and body wash

Feeling less stress is a gift – $53
Stress fix   soaking salts and body creme

Limited quantities are available!
Come by or call us at 316-267-8000 to reserve gift packages.


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