The Story of Planet Hair

Here’s how we got our start!

Owners Tod, Linda & Graham

Owners Tod, Linda & Graham

In the beginning of 1992, Tod Ernst and Graham Ross began to imagine Planet Hair. With 24 years of combined experience, they felt they were ready to create a salon environment unique to Wichita.

Graham entered the salon industry because of his love of people and dreams of an exciting social life. With a natural ability with people, along with a strong entrepreneurial drive, Graham started his first business venture after four years as a stylist, Strands. . . A Salon, which he opened with two partners. After gaining some experience and growth as a business owner, Graham started dreaming of his vision of the perfect salon.

Tod is a creative visionary, drawn to the exciting, fast paced lifestyle of the fashion industry. While working at the Hair Force, he developed his creative niche in producing hair and make-up looks for theater, commercials, photo and catalog work, and his favorite outlet; fashion shows.  While working on his artistic and business abilities, Tod’s plan was to have his own business.

Graham and Tod, who had been friends for several years, started sharing their dreams with each other and discovered that their visions of the future were very compatible. As they became more excited about their vision and began to forge their plan, Linda Ernst, Tod’s wife, became an important part of making their dream a reality.

An artist herself, Linda had matured as a business person in the floral design business and was experienced in directing creative, service businesses.  Attracted to the operational aspects of the business, Linda joined the partnership and became the salon manager. She is the glue that holds the salon together.

It was their vision from the beginning to open a progressive salon downtown.  When Old Town was a ghost town, the partners looked at the space where Planet Hair is located today.  Sensing that the down town area was about to go through exciting growth, and ignoring people who warned them against it, the entrepreneurs took the risk and have never looked back. Along with the help of family, friends, and bankers, Planet Hair opened in November 1992.


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