Makeup Hacks

Makeup TipsQuick tips and tricks for makeup mastery!

Oops! Need an eraser?
Put a little moisturizer on the end of a Q-tip to wipe away that mascara smudge without having to retouch the rest of your makeup.

Smokey eyes without the mess!
Dust a generous amount of loose powder under your eye before putting on your smoky eye shadow. Any shadow that falls under your eye can easily be whisked away when you’re finished.

Want your lip color to last longer?
Use a lip definer pencil to shape the lips and color the lips in. Apply a lighter color with some gloss over the liner for color that stays and stays.

Instant face lift!
Define your brows and lift the eyes by using a little concealer directly under the brow.
Shadow can be applied over the concealer without losing definition.

Perfect nude lip
Get the perfect nude lip color by applying your foundation to the lips. Finish the look with a little clear gloss.

Running out of mascara?
Add three drops of saline solution or other eye drops to the mascara tube to stretch out your mascara for another week!

Trouble getting the perfect winged eyeliner?
Place a piece of tape in position, slanting up from under the eye, as a guideline to make the perfect line. Before placing the tape on your face, apply the tape to your shirt then pull it off. This make the adhesive less sticky so the rest of your makeup doesn’t come off on when the tape is removed.

Looking for more tips? Schedule a personalized makeup application appointment to get the tips you need! Call 316-267-8000 for your new look.


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