New! Romantic Grandeur Makeup Collection

Inspired by magnetic hues of the rising and setting sun, Aveda has just released Romantic Grandeur, the limited edition makeup collection for fall/winter 2014.

Romantic Granduer

“Ivory light deepens to violet night in a palette inspired by dusk. Dream-like color recast the splendor of ears past and reveal a romantic, vintage quality.”

Created by Aveda’s Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s fall makeup collection explores the ephemeral beauty and magic that exists within the realm between slumber and awareness.

“Romantic Grandeur invites you to step into that magical realm that exists between sleep and wakening,” Beenders says. “The idea was to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, and between the past and present.”

Fall 2014 Makeup Collection

Six new eye shadows range from wintery soft pastels, to rich tones and golden accents to create a deeply feminine palette. Eye pencils in Delphinium deep blue and Fresh Plum update smoky eye looks with a touch of color. Lips go bold with Gogi Berry red lip color and Mangosteen lip glaze, especially when paired with the new Fire Maple lip pencil, or more subtle with Sheer Fig lip color and Rose Blush lip glaze.

Stop in and let one of our makeup artists show you how to incorporate Aveda’s new makeup trends into your wardrobe this fall!


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