Sarah’s Back!

Sarah's Back!We’re thrilled to announce that Sarah is coming back to Planet Hair! She left a year and a half ago when her husband’s job was transferred to Alabama. While living in Alabama, Sarah has been busy working in a salon and perfecting her skills. She can’t wait to come home to Planet Hair and all her friends and clients. She’ll be back Friday, December 2nd we can’t wait! Give us a call at 316-267-8000 to schedule an appointment!

About Sarah:

Sarah was born with hair spray in her blood. As far back as Sarah can remember she’s wanted to be a stylist to join the excitement of an industry that her father, uncle, and aunt have loved and been a part of her whole life. She doesn’t want to follow in their footsteps, she wants to blaze her own trail by constantly learning new techniques and stretching creatively every day to continue to grow as a stylist. Specializing in hair cutting and special occasion styles, Sarah loves talking with people to get to know them, so she can create a style that matches the person inside and out.


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