Congrats Liz!

Help us congratulate Liz on her first anniversary back at Planet Hair!

Although this is her first anniversary back with us, Liz has really been part of the Planet Hair team for 4 years altogether.  We missed her while she was living in Manhattan, Kansas and are so happy she’s moved back to us. 

Liz SaylorAlways in a good mood and attentive to our guests, Liz provides a great, all around hair experience.  To expand her skills she’s attended national education events like Aveda’s Master Jam and Congress Festival, and hands-on classes like the advanced color class at the Aveda Academy in New York City. Liz is an accomplished, flexible stylist with amazing highlighting and coloring techniques, and an accomplished makeup artist with a passion for enhancing natural beauty.

Thank you Liz for all your hard work, taking incredible care of our guests, and for bringing your awesome, positive outlook to all you do!


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