Only your Hairdresser Knows for Sure

Don't shy away from colorMen are finally learning what women have known for a long time: a little hair color shaves the years away. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with going natural, it’s just that some people grey beautifully, while others just get murky and dull. Today’s man wants to appear refreshed, confident, and even a little more youthful. So why not help Mother Nature out a little?   

We can help you look like yourself again, or create an entirely new look with hair color. If you’re worried about being grey one day, and not the next, we can progressively color the grey away each time you get your hair cut to gradually get you back to your original color. Adding subtle highlights a shade or two lighter than your original color can help soften the face and is another way to turn back the clock. Extra bonus: If your hair is thinning, coloring your hair will add thickness and shine, helping your hair look fuller.  Color is quick and easy and the results last from haircut to haircut, so you don’t have to worry about showing your roots. 

 Don’t be shy! With recent breakthroughs in color technology color is more natural-looking than ever before. Only your hairdresser will know for sure! Ask your stylists for a complementary color consultation during your next haircut and see what a new color can do for you!


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