ArtAID 17 “Sideshow” Model Call


Attention: Models, Dancers, and people with special talents!

Model Call for ArtAID 17, Sideshow, will be Sunday, August 29th from 1pm – 3pm and Monday, August 30th from 6pm – 8pm at Planet Hair, 504 E. Douglas. Please call Planet Hair at (316) 267-8000 for more details.

 If you have a special talent – we’re looking for you!

 Are you pierced? Tattooed? Super tall and skinny? Really, really small? Contortionist? Magician? Fire eater? Juggler? Come to model call or our Cocktail Party on Friday, October 1st in the parking lot between Planet Hair and Rain. We want people with freaky, special talents to enter our Freak Show Parade at the Cocktail Party to win tickets to ArtAID 17 and possibly even be IN the Planet Hair Runway “SIDESHOW”


4 thoughts on “ArtAID 17 “Sideshow” Model Call

  1. I was contacted today by a good friend of mine I guess I will be your snakeman with my 13ft 120lb albino Burmese Python Rockie! Looking forward to it for sure!

  2. I know it’s a bit short notice, but was hoping in participating in the Artaid this year. Have experience in modeling, with lots of edge, some tattoos and peircing and ready to have a good time with you all. Did I mention I love to hula hoop as well 😛
    Let me know if I can come join the fun.


    • Lynnette,

      Sorry we have all the models we need for this year. We usually get more than enough people at the model calls to fill out the show. The only possibility at this point is to win a spot in the show at the Martini Party Freak Show contest. Your tats could be enough to qualify and the hula hooping will really give you an edge. Check our blog for details on the party but it will be on Firday the 1st of Oct. in the Planet Hair parking lot from 6 to 9.

      Thanks anyway for asking!

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