Triple Digit Beauty Tips

Triple Digit Beauty TipsIn this heat it’s hard to make it from your house to your car without a total beauty meltdown. Here are a few tips to keep you looking your best when it’s nearly too hot to care.

 Lipstick that never melts – Die hard lipstick fans know the heartbreak of losing a tube of their favorite color, left in the car on a hot day. Save your lipstick for winter and switch to lip gloss for a hot night out. Choose darker colors, like Aveda’s Wineberry Lip Glaze, to mimic the coverage of lipstick. For longer lasting, opaque color, line and color your lips in with lip pencil before you gloss.

 Hot legs – Can you believe we used to wear panty hose in the summer? They were too hot, but they did give some color to un-tanned legs. What do you do now if your legs are too ghostly to make a public appearance? Use just a little tinted moisturizer, like Aveda’s Inner Light 15 SPF tinted moisturizer, a shade darker than your skin on your legs for a glamorous temporary tan and soft skin.

 Keep it light– Eye shadow and foundation in this heat? Forget about it! Show off your eyes with perfectly groomed brows. Let us show you how to lift and balance your eyes by shaping the brow. Rather than heavy foundation try a light dusting of Aveda’s Uruku Bronzer to enhance your skin tone.


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