Does it really save money?

Beautiful hair color at Planet HairIt’s tempting. It seems so easy. Saving money coloring your own hair at home seems like it could be as simple as going to the store, picking out a box that has a picture on it that looks like you want to, then just read the directions. Right?

 Well…. not always.  At Planet Hair we’ve seen a rash of people lately, who’ve tried to go it on their own, only to find out that their dreams of saving money has turned into a hair color nightmare. Rather than staying home until their hair grows out, they come to us for help.

 Color correction is a very advanced technique, and our stylists attend many hours of training and practice to master this skill. Although we can always make the color look better, we may not be able to get color exactly the way it was originally pictured. For example, taking freshly colored hair from a very dark tone to a very light tone can really damage the hair, so it might take two appointments to get the perfect color.

 Usually it takes several processes to correct the problem color, which means cooling your heals at the salon for three or four hours and lots of shampoos. But the really painful part is the cost. Because of the time involved, color correction without a haircut usually costs from $120 to $150. Letting us do it right the first time is about half the price!

 So how can you save money, without scary results? Talk to your stylist! Just like every great relationship, the key is good communications. Open up, be honest, and let your stylist know you need to cut back. Ask them to suggest solutions that won’t compromise how you look and feel.

 Planet Hair co-owner Graham Ross suggests saving money with an all-over color, rather than getting a color weave. “People are concerned that an all-over color won’t give them the variety of tones they’re used to seeing,” says Graham. “We use new techniques that give subtle dimension to all-over hair colors and bring out the nuances of the hair cut.”

 Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think home color is bad. In fact we’ve seen people get good results. But be warned – the ads are misleading and it isn’t as easy as it looks. And remember – we’re always here for you!


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