Makeup Hacks

Makeup TipsQuick tips and tricks for makeup mastery!

Oops! Need an eraser?
Put a little moisturizer on the end of a Q-tip to wipe away that mascara smudge without having to retouch the rest of your makeup.

Smokey eyes without the mess!
Dust a generous amount of loose powder under your eye before putting on your smoky eye shadow. Any shadow that falls under your eye can easily be whisked away when you’re finished.

Want your lip color to last longer?
Use a lip definer pencil to shape the lips and color the lips in. Apply a lighter color with some gloss over the liner for color that stays and stays.

Instant face lift!
Define your brows and lift the eyes by using a little concealer directly under the brow.
Shadow can be applied over the concealer without losing definition.

Perfect nude lip
Get the perfect nude lip color by applying your foundation to the lips. Finish the look with a little clear gloss.

Running out of mascara?
Add three drops of saline solution or other eye drops to the mascara tube to stretch out your mascara for another week!

Trouble getting the perfect winged eyeliner?
Place a piece of tape in position, slanting up from under the eye, as a guideline to make the perfect line. Before placing the tape on your face, apply the tape to your shirt then pull it off. This make the adhesive less sticky so the rest of your makeup doesn’t come off on when the tape is removed.

Looking for more tips? Schedule a personalized makeup application appointment to get the tips you need! Call 316-267-8000 for your new look.

Get Ready for EarthQuake Recycled!

Mark your calendars now for Planet Hair presents EarthQuake Recycled event!

On Sunday, April 19, Planet Hair will rock the world, make changes and raise funds to protect the Earth and its peoples as part of Aveda’s Earth Month initiative. This fun event will happen from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Fisch Haus, located at 524 S. Commerce in Wichita, Kansas.

The evening will include an exciting silent auction, earth and wellness vendors, refreshments, a cash bar and a fashion show of clothing made from recycled materials. Admission will be $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets available soon!

Planet Hair Presents EarthQuake

Photos from last year’s EarthQuake

New Rare Bloom Makeup Collection by Aveda

New Rare Bloom MakeupThe look of spring is here and it’s bursting with color! Aveda’s new limited edition makeup line, Rare Bloom is just what we need to take us from the harsh winter weather to sunny spring days just around the corner.

Inspired by the magnificence of the prairie and the natural brightness and life of spring, Rare Bloom features eye shadows, lip liners, glosses and lipsticks that pair earth tones with the vibrant hues of flowers and sky. The dramatic contrasts and brilliant tones create effects that are soft and natural, with vibrant wildflower pops of color for a magnetic and mesmerizing look.

Inspired to try a new look for spring? Stop by and we’ll show you how to incorporate these colors into your makeup collection!

Tips for Scheduling your Color Appointment

st15_1840_r4_cropWith all the new hair color techniques, like ombre’ and sombre’, it can be complicated for our receptionists to know the best way to schedule your service. Here are some tips for scheduling your color appointment:

  1. Know your ultimate hair color goal.
    Do you want to cover gray? Brighten up your color? Try on a new technique? The more you can tell us about your vision for what you want to achieve, the better job we can do in making your dream a reality.  Do you want a  color weave with foils, an all over color or a specialized color like ombre’ or sombre’?
  1. Bring us a picture.
    The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true when it comes to getting the color you want. It’s hard to describe color! We love it when people bring us pictures so we can see what you’re thinking. Feel free to bring in more than one picture too. Sometimes there are different elements
    you’ll like from several pictures.
  1. Let us know how long it’s been since you last hair color.
    We need to know how long it’s been since your last color and how long your roots are to decide on the best way to give you the look you want.  We may need to schedule extra time to blend the difference between your natural color that’s growing out and the last color you had applied.
  1. Let us know how much hair you have.
    To know how much time to schedule for your appointment we need to know how long and thick your hair is. Is your hair above or below your shoulders? Have people told you all your life that you have enough hair for two or three people? We need to know this so we can reserve the perfect amount of time for you. Nothing stresses stylists out more than running behind because they didn’t have enough time scheduled. They hate to make people wait as much as people hate waiting!
  1. Tell us if you have a box color on your hair.
    The color you buy in the grocery store and apply yourself is a tempting way to get by between appointments. The concern is many box colors have chemicals, like metallic salts, that react with professional color products and may cause damage to the hair and scalp. If you have box color on your hair, fess up and let us know so we can take precautions. We promise we won’t judge you.
  1. Come in for a consultation.
    Just like doctors can’t diagnose illnesses over the phone, we can’t tell you what we’re able to do with your color until we see your hair. This is especially true with corrective color. We can give you best idea of how we can achieve your vision, how much time it will take and how much the charge will be by consulting with you in person. Live too far away or have too much going on to make it into the salon for a consultation? Give us a call at 316-267-8000 and we’ll tell you how to text or email a selfie to us. Our team will check it out and give you a call to make recommendations.

Still Time for Last Minute Specials!

StormiAfter (683x1024)Still wrapping up your Christmas shopping? We can help you give gifts of joy with Aveda gift packages and build-your-own packages, gifts of warmth with Votivo candles and the gift of glam with a Planet Hair gift certificate.

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Finished With Your Shopping?

Our Open House Party is today and Saturday, December 12 and 13! We have lots of special offers, free mini services, and all kinds of goodies! Read more about it here.

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Our elves will be on hand to help you with your last minute shopping or call us at 316-267-8000. Merry Christmas!

Defining Color Terms

Have you noticed that there are a lot of new names for ways to color your hair, like Balayage, Ombre, Sombre? What does it all mean? Our education director and expert colorist, Hannah Brockman, has the answers:

Balayage (bah-lee-AHZGE)


From the French word, meaning “to sweep or paint,” color is applied to the hair with a freehand technique, painting on color to create soft highlights. This technique creates a natural sun-kissed look with less noticeable regrowth lines, making the color easy to maintain. Balayage is perfect for all hair types and lengths.

Ombre’ (äm’brā’)


Another French word, meaning “to shade,” this technique blends color or tones in a soft transition from dark to light. Usually, darker tones are applied closer to the root of the hair, with the color gradually lightening as it moves towards the end of the strand.  Reverse ombre’ is just the opposite, keeping lightness around the face with the tone becoming darker at the ends.  Ombre’ works best on longer hair lengths.

Sombre (säm’brā’)


What many are calling the next big trend in color, this technique takes ombre’ softer for a subtle blended graduation and a more natural look. Also called color melting, lighter pieces are taken up higher on the hair, especially around the face, with ribbons of color running through the lower lengths to enhance natural texture and layering in the cut. Still best on longer lengths of hair, the sombre technique is perfect for blondes and brunettes who want a softer transition into color.

Want to know which of these techniques will look the best on you? Our color consultations are always complimentary! So stop by or call us at 316-267-8000 to reserve a little time and talk to our expert stylists about updating your color.